Graduation Requirements

Required Credits
4.0 One credit of English is required each year.
Social Studies
3.0 World Cultures (9), U.S. History (10),
Government (11), Economics (12).
3.0 Students are required to take three credits of Mathematics.
3.0 Students are required to take one credit of Biology, one credit of Physics or Chemistry and an additional science credit.
Physical Ed**
1.5 Students are required to take Physical Education 1 as a freshmen or sophomore. Physical Education 2 as a sophomore or junior and one additional trimester of Physical Education in the junior or senior year.
.5 A trimester Health course is required at the freshman level for .5 credit.
Business .5 Personal Financial Literacy (11-12).
8.5 Elective credits are credits from courses not used to satisfy any of the above required credits
Two years of a single foreign language are required for admission to UW-Eau Claire and UW-Madison, and strongly recommended at other UW system campuses.
Private colleges and out-of-state schools may have different admission standards. Check in the Student Services Office for more specific information.
*Biotechnology, Horticulture, Food Science, Environmental Sustainability, Natural Resource Management and Veterinary Science (Ag Department) will meet Science elective coursework.
**See the forms tab or contact your school counselor to determine whether you qualify for a P.E. waiver  as a junior.