Graduation Calendar


 SENIOR CLASS ADVISOR: Mr. Gorden  723-4920  Ext. 1672

 December 4th:  Tuesday

SENIOR CLASS MEETING – The Jostens’s representative will meet with the Senior Class during Homeroom to distribute graduation information.

                     Josten Representative:   Dan Mccormick



 December 11th:  Tuesday

Jostens will be here during lunch hour to take senior orders for graduation caps, gowns, announcements and other senior items.  Sometime in March or April, the graduation items will be delivered and payment will be due at that time.  Seniors will be directly notified by Jostens of the exact date and balance due.

May 21st:  Tuesday

SENIOR AWARDS NIGHT will be held in the EAHS Auditorium beginning at 7:00pm.  Seniors, their family and friends are invited to attend. Seniors will be notified beforehand by email if they will be receiving an award.  Afterwards, there will be a reception in the EAHS Cafeteria.

 May 30th & 31st:  Thursday (4th & 5th Periods) and Friday (1st, 2nd & 3rd Periods)

SENIOR EXAM DAYS will also be the last days of classes for graduating Seniors.  Make sure all work is done for teachers, all fines are paid, and all detentions are served before this date.  If a student receives an "Incomplete" grade in a class needed for graduation, that student will not be allowed to go through Commencement Ceremonies, even if that student completes the grade at a later date.

 SENIOR PICNIC sponsored by the Elkhorn Rotary Club after the final exam at the EAHS Football Field.  All Seniors are welcomed.

 Please note:

  • All Seniors receiving an award at Honors Night, such as a scholarship or an honor cord, MUST attend Honors Night Practice and Honors Night on Wednesday, June 5th.
  • Seniors needing to attend Honors Night Practice and Honors Night will be notified by the week of June 3rd by the Pupil Services Dept.
  • All Seniors planning to go through the Commencement Ceremonies on Thursday, June 6h MUST attend Commencement Practice at 8:30 am that morning.
  • Anyone missing Commencement Practice will not go through Commencement Ceremonies that night.
  • If a student will be graduating, but won’t be able to attend or doesn't wish to go through the Commencement Ceremonies, please inform Mr. Gorden as soon as possible.
  • All graduating Seniors not going through Commencement Ceremonies may pick up their diplomas from the EAHS Office starting Friday, June 7th during school hours.

June 5th:  Wednesday

HONORS NIGHT PRACTICE will be held in the EAHS Auditorium at 8:30 am lasting till at least 10:30 am.  The procedure of Honors Night will be explained in addition to other senior information.

HONORS NIGHT will be held in the EAHS Auditorium at 7:00 pm.  Everyone is welcomed to attend. Seniors are to report to the hallway in front of the Swimming Pool Locker Rooms before 6:30 pm , check in and line up.

June 6th: Thursday

COMMENCEMENT PRACTICE will be held in the Gym at 8:30 am. Line up in the hallway between the Gym Lobby and the Agility Center according to the list posted on the hallway walls no later than 8:30 am. Seniors, do not plan anything else for this morning. Practice will take as long as it takes to get it right. The sooner that happens, the sooner practice will be over. The freshman letters will be handed out at the end of practice.

 Speakers and Singers are also to remain after practice to rehearse their speeches and songs.

 COMMENCEMENT CEREMONIES will be held in the Gym at 7:00 pm. Before 6:20 pm.  Everyone is welcomed to attend (no tickets are required).  Seniors are to report to the hallway between the Gym and the Agility Center, check in and line up.

 DIPLOMAS can be picked up in the EAHS Lobby within 15 minutes after the ceremony.  Otherwise, they can be picked up in the EAHS office during school hours.

 * All information is subject to change.*