Early Graduation


The Elkhorn Area High School provides a comprehensive program of learning activities and experiences for the students during their years in school.

A student may graduate upon completion of graduation requirements, in accordance with established procedures and with the approval of the Early Graduation Committee.

An exception may be made to the policy or procedures at the discretion of the Board of Education Policy Committee.


1. Upon written parental request (see application under “Forms”), a student may graduate upon completion of graduation requirements.

2. The decision for approval or denial of an early graduation request will be made by the Board of Education Policy Committee.

3. Students applying for early graduation will be permitted to take classes necessary to complete graduation requirements. It is understood that any approval of an early graduation is contingent upon the student satisfying all credit requirements.


a. Students graduating early will be required to take final exams, or their equivalent, prior to their last school day.

b. Prior to graduation, final class rank in the present graduating class will be based on the last grading period of the final term while the student is enrolled with the Elkhorn Area School District. Early graduates will be eligible for any scholarships awarded by the Elkhorn Area High School Scholarship Foundation and/or Committee. Early graduates will also be eligible for a Wisconsin Academic Excellence Scholarship.

c. No formal diploma will be issued or commencement exercises held for early graduates. Those early graduates will be permitted to return for regular commencement activities if they so desire. Their school records will indicate completion of all graduation requirements for the purpose of employment or post-high school training. If the student chooses not to participate, the diploma will be issued following the commencement exercises.

d. Those individuals who graduate early will not be permitted to take part in any organized school activity (such as athletics, clubs, school dances, field trips, etc.), with the exception of Senior Honor’s Night and commencement activities. They will, however, be permitted to attend school functions open to the public like any other member of the adult community.

5. An exception may be made to the policy or procedures at the discretion of the School Board and/or Early Graduation Committee.

Updated: 5/9/2016